Burradoo Ranch is a first class breeding facility of the finest Australian Kelpies imported into the United States.

Owned and operated by Bill and Janice Mytton, the couple share in the commitment to produce top performing Australian Kelpies.  The videos below show a few of the working Kelpies at the ranch.

** Recent News  Three litters of purebred Kelpie pups were born in November 2017.  Click on the puppy photo at left for more information. Contact us for further information on these litters.

** Earlier in 2017 we imported a young puppy from Barru Kelpies and an adult dog from David Motley.  It will be some time before the pup goes to work but Jackaroo is growing up and fitting into the team well.  Meanwhile you can check out Motleys Snow, the most recent adult import to the Burradoo ranch.

Becker and Muster driving cattle.

In the second video Burradoo Drover gets driving lessons from his mother Wranglar Lilly on replacement heifers. Watch imported dog Karana Digby doing his work over in Australia in the third video, and in the fourth and fifth videos see Wranglar Lilly on cattle and at work on large mobs of sheep when she was working in Australia prior to purchase.