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2016/2017 Puppy Litters

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Burradoo Cash leaves for Alberta, Canada

All pups from our 2016 litters are sold. As these pups were born late in 2016 with the last pup leaving for a permanent home early in 2017, there will be a break before we plan 2017 litters.  We always enjoy chatting about our kelpies though and we do keep wait lists for future litters.  It’s never too early to call and talk about a future pup if you’re thinking a Burradoo Kelpie is for you.

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[Slideshow photos courtesy of Colleen Kilbane Photography]

2016 litters

Kramers Bugga x CoolHand Luc

This litter of seven pups are on their way to new homes.  We retained one pup from this litter and named her Gilly.  All remaining pups have been sold, helping to fulfill the current wait list for Burradoo Ranch Kelpie pups.

In 2016 we used Karana Digby across three females in order to place more of his progengy on the ground before we lose the chance to do so, as Digby is an aging dog.

Karana OzKarana Digby  whelping date: November 9, 2016

Karana Oz did not get with pup, likely due to her older age.  Oz is now retired.

Burradoo RipperKarana Digby  whelping date: November 11, 2016

Ripper had six pups.  Five male and one female.  All black and tan. All sold.

Our fifth 2016 litter is one of our bitches bred to a son of Digby, out of Karana Oz, from a previous litter.

Red Wheel Waltzn Matilda x  Deuce  whelping date: November 17, 2016

Matilda had seven pups, all females!  All black and tan. All sold.

For more information on our dogs or future breedings and purchasing a pup, contact us:

Phone or email: (406) 328 – 6396