Burkelodge Becker


Australian Kelpies at Burradoo Ranch in Absarokee, Montana, USAThe Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc.  
A 4M-13285-03BLG (A14)
Bred by: Tom Gilcrist, Casterton, Victoria, Australia

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Becker is the type of dog that only comes along once, or if you’re lucky, a couple of times in your life. We brought Becker to the U.S.A. in 2006 after he had worked as a stock dog on a station in Victoria that runs between 10-30,000 ewes, up to 100,000 fat lambs and several thousand head of cattle in both breeding and feedlot situations. Becker had extensive experience on cattle as well as working very well in the yard and paddock with sheep. Becker’s build is extremely solid, with what we consider perfect confirmation.

beckerOn our Montana ranch, we use Becker primarily on cattle, with much of the work in the Beartooth Mountains on forest permits. Becker has a good temperament, is quiet around the kennel and is willing to go at a moment’s notice. Becker is a thinking dog that exhibits the characteristics that so many older Australian stockmen lament are currently missing in some of the modern push button dogs. Becker has a great cast, with the brain power and stamina to keep going out and bringing in additional stock that are out of sight.

Becker has sired outstanding pups including Burradoo Muster and Burradoo She’s a Ripper. Becker is available to breeding to outside bitches on a very limited basis.